Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A Goal Hero Playtest

The First Playtest of Our Second Game

Goal Hero

These pictures show a playtest of Goal Hero that we ran in November 2018.  In this playtest we learned about some issues that needed to be fixed in the game.  But mainly we found that we had achieved our 5 objectives for the game except for one: It took longer than one hour to complete the game. These playtest pictures show what it's like to play Goal Hero.
The Game Master sets up the game.

This game isn't about your own personal goals. It's about learning how to set a workable goal by acting as an ally as Green the Meeple sets one.

The GM reads the rules: 
Keep your character card and gear in front of you and travel with Green in spirit.

It's fun to speak in your character's voice.  The GM guides the party through the challenges.

As the Librarian said, "those who write down their goals have much better odds of fulfilling them."

You finally get the gear you know you need!
And holding on to Sally, the pet ferret paid off!

As you can see, the players had fun. That didn't need fixing! They also learned some important factors of goal setting.  Still, we decided to revise parts of the game that were confusing and simplified game-play for a faster game. We've done our revisions and will run more playtests soon.

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