Thursday, April 26, 2018

Goal Hero

The Next Game in the Series

With Strengths and Troubles ™ The Wellness Board Game published, we're working on the next in the Goal Quest Games series, Goal Hero™.

Green the Meeple
Meet Green the Meeple

Goal Hero will also be a tabletop game. This one is an RPG (Role Playing Game) adventure where the players go on a quest. That quest is to turn a wish into a viable goal.

Once again the Wellness Dimensions will play a part!

We've set ourselves some challenging objectives for this new game:

1. It must be fun.
2. Playable by two to five players in an hour or less.
3. Players immerse themselves in the setting and their chosen roles and cooperate to succeed in the  quest.
4. Everyone learns the components of an actionable goal.
5. After playing, participants will be better equipped to set goals of their own.

We have made good progress on Goal Hero and plan to publish it early in 2019.